Café d’Avignon is an artisanal bakery café based in NYC founded by the same team behind Pain d’Avignon, the award winning bread bakery that has been supplying Michelin-starred restaurants and top hotels for more than 25 years.

In the process of creating food we are proud of we found our home.

Since our start, we have grown from supplying bread to Manhattan and Boston’s culinary maestros to rapidly expanding our own retail cafés. In the process of creating food that we are proud of we found our home. Our decision to enter retail in 2012 and create Café d’Avignon always stemmed from our desire to form community–to bring people together through the beauty of baking and move the magic of bread into everyday life.   

coffee and cake
croissant sandwich

We have always been in search of the pure and natural tastes of our childhood.

Everything we ate was local and seasonal, coming from the farms, villages, and wheat fields just a few miles away from the city we grew up in. For us, this was never a business philosophy, it was simply who we are and where we came from. This is why our menu is simple and honest, rooted in the elegant but explosive concerto of breadmaking. We let the ingredients speak for themselves while prioritizing local and organic whenever we can.
We bake, serve and eat everything fresh on the same day. Our menu mixes French dishes and American classics. In blending tradition and creativity, we honor the path of the age-old masters, while we step into new terrains of baking.

The bread we make is the root of our menu and everything we do.

In a world that gets faster everyday, we believe in the importance of slowing down and enjoying life’s simple pleasures.



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