The "Origines" of our wheat...

In a desire to share the great diversity of Ancient Grains available, Pain d’Avignon & Café d’Avignon have dedicated their focus for the past two years sourcing wheats from all over the planet, to now baking breads from these wheats both in our New York and Cape Cod facilities.

These ancient wheats come from varieties dating back before 1950 and their origins are from millennia. These grains are pure and alive, with no modification by man with a genetic heritage linked to their terroir.

Thus, these ancient wheats are rich in taste and nutrients. Furthermore, due to their low presence of gluten, they are tolerant and friendly to people who are gluten sensitive.

Whether they come from the US, Canada, Mesopotamia, Eastern Europe, Southern France, or the rest of the world, these wheats offer a uniquely, authentic composition and taste profile that is incomparable. Our farmers work with a deep respect for the environment, nurturing organic agriculture. Our millers transform the grain into flour by slowly following time-honored methods. Our bakers utilize ancestral techniques by employing only leaven, no yeasts, emphasizing long fermentations with a slow careful rise. Then, they bake these loaves to perfection in stone hearth ovens. This meticulous process insures a breads that are full of aroma and goodness.



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